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Expecting “Cashless” Does NOT Mean WANTING it!

Posted on: 17/06/2024

This article from 2017 reported on a YouGov survey that revealed 34% of British adults expected the UK to go “cashless”.

Seven years on the figure remains under 50%, despite the pandemic, with its empty High Streets and the anti-cash antics of the massively funded “cashless” promoters Visa, Mastercard and Apple over the intervening years.

And these figures are EXPECT, not WANT.

In 2023, only 13% of UK adults told YouGov they WANT a “cashless” UK. The crystal clear inference is that the British public EXPECT “cashless” to be imposed on them, whatever they WANT.

The anti-cash brigade do not like the concept WANT. They prefer NEED, because that word makes it easier for them to paint a picture that cash can be ushered through the exit door as the poor get richer (?), the previously technological challenged get smartphones and the old simply die.

And for the same reason as they don’t like the word WANT, the anti cash collaborators don’t like another word; CHOICE.

Why offer THEM - the British public - CHOICE, when US can legally take it away from THEM?

US and THEM.

The way it has always been until now, with the MANY dictated to by the FEW.


The other reason the “cashless” promoters don’t like CHOICE?

Because, acting in the interests of the British public, US are WINNING.

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Source: yougov.co.uk/consumer/articles/18551-third-brits-expect-be-last-generation-using-cash

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