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When Will PM Act to Stop “Cashless” Disgrace in British Restaurants and Shops?

Posted on: 02/04/2024

This was the sign at the Cricketers in Cobham, part of the Heartwood Collection, which also includes Brasserie Blanc.

There are around 40 sites in this “collection” - and this number is increasing, so spreading the poison of “cashless”.

To see this happening, in the same week that Payment Choice Alliance Campaign Director Martin Quinn drew attention to the fact that Bill's Restaurants ( once around 80 sites, though less now) have also imposed “cashless”, is VERY worrying.

Such companies are deliberately robbing the British public of the right to use their cash.

They also know full well that a UK Payment Choice Act WILL be coming soon, yet still go ahead with imposing “cashless”. 

Breath-taking arrogance from companies which clearly have no interest in occupying the moral high ground - or giving good customer service.

Meantime, HM Treasury uses weak words like “reasonable” in connection with the provision of cash access and has taken zero action at all on the crucial issue of cash acceptance.

The Payment Choice Alliance has written to both Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt on a number of occasions, highlighting that 80% of those who voted for The Conservative Party in the last General Election told YouGov last year that they want a law put in place to give them the right to use their cash, when and where they choose; a Payment Choice Act.

Ignoring voters clearly stated wishes in a General Election year would be, to say the least, very unwise.

There is still time for the Prime Minister and Chancellor to show they are listening and will act on what they are hearing…

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