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Strike a Blow for Cash - Refuse to Pay a “Cashless” Tip!

Posted on: 08/04/2024

The oddly named “Strikepay” is a FinTech encouraging people to make “cashless” tips.

But not many people seem to be using it.

They claim to cover 30,000 venues and that they collected £15 million in tips last year.

That’s around £500 per venue in a full year - or significantly less than £2 per day.


And how much of that £2 went straight into the digital bank account of “Strikepay”, rewarding them for providing a service few people seem to want?

Rather than pandering to the whims of a largely self-serving Fintech, Staff in the 30,000 venues should concentrate on urging customers to tip in cash.

 A “Cashless” tipping App is part of a game being played to make the British public think that they should give up on cash.

It is also part of the attempt to impose “cashless” on the British public - and that IS going to be STOPPED by 2025!


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