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Use Your Loaf, Ed - Stop Gail’s Imposing “Cashless”!

Posted on: 01/07/2024

Liberal Democrats leader Ed Davey has identified that constituencies with a GAIL's Bakery are winnable?

Gail’s are, of course, “cashless”, presumably on the basis that it’s easier to get people to pay those prices when they are not actually giving a thought to how much they are spending….

Such prices may be required to put the icing on the cake for Bain Capital Ventures, who own Gail’s parent company Bread Holdings Limited.

Bain are rumoured to to want a lot of dough - over £200 million - to exit, but that price tag might be under threat when the UK Payment Choice Act becomes law in 2025.

Gail’s “cashless” strategy will then look half-baked and perhaps have Liberal Democrat voters questioning why a business so far from the moral high ground deserves their custom.

Since the Liberal Democrat’s certainly support Payment Choice - they sponsored a Payment Choice Alliance event last year - perhaps Ed Davey could have a quiet word with Tom Molnar, the CEO of Gail’s? A simple request not to wait for the law to force his company to do the right thing for the British public should be enough…


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