In 2023, £81 Billion was Delivered by ATMs in “Cashless” UK! - Image 1

In 2023, £81 Billion was Delivered by ATMs in “Cashless” UK!

Posted on: 15/01/2024

The British public continue to want cash!

Over 90% of us continue to use cash, whether rarely or every day.

Over 70% of adults told YouGov recently that they want a law passed giving them the right to use cash, when and where they choose.

There are only two issues.

1. The Big 5 High Street (?) banks, who hold the funds of over 50 million British adults, don’t want to give our money back to us in the form of cash.

2. Some misguided businesses are now refusing to accept the British publics cash.

The British government can easily deal with both these issues.

There is a little time left before the 2024 General Election.

Time enough for Rishi Sunak to prove he is really listening to the British public - the VOTERS- and doesn’t need a TV drama to be made about cash to motivate him to do what is required to end of the threat of “cashless” being imposed on us all by the Big 5 High Street(?) banks.


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