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Transport for London Rip-Off The Public Who Want To Use Cash!

Posted on: 08/05/2024

Martin Quinn, a Campaign Director of the Payment Choice Alliance, was right to tell Frances Ivens  at The Daily Telegraph that Transport for London are a total disgrace. 

£4 MORE for a £2.70 ticket because a customer CHOOSES to use cash?

This is effectively a TAX on cash users, to the tune of over 1/4 of a £BILLION each year!

How are London Trading Standards (LTS) letting them away with this abuse of pricing power?

It was Mayor of London Boris Johnson who allowed Transport for London to impose “cashless” on London buses in 2014. They can also, by the way, force London Taxis off the road if they refuse to accept card payments - or even if their card machine is temporarily out of service.

Transport for London have been shameless collaborators with Visa and Mastercard, as those two international card schemes strive to make the UK “cashless”, against the wishes of the British public.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has continued the trend established by his predecessor of treating cash users as 2nd Class Citizens.

 The Labour Party - Mayor Khans Party - needs to do MUCH better than that in their treatment of the 40 MILLION British adults who want a law passed to give them the right to use their cash, when and where they choose.

Those 40 MILLION voters do NOT want to face ludicrous pricing penalties when exercising their right to use cash.

In other countries - such as our “Special Relationship” partner the United States - some businesses offer cash users DISCOUNTS!

So how can any plausible case be made for the British public facing HIGHER charges when using their cash?



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