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There are too FEW ATMs in the UK, NOT too MANY!

Posted on: 04/12/2023

It is quite wrong to suggest there are currently too many ATMs in the UK.

The 37,000 remaining free-to-use ATMs in the UK are actually providing the public with the same amount of cash as they were pre-pandemic.

The Big Five UK banks, who call the tune at the LINK ATM Network, want to force a reduction in ATM numbers.

They only operate around 10,000 ATMs at their remaining branches, branches which they are rushing to close.

BUT the Big Five do NOT want ANYONE to operate ATMs, to supply cash.

So they are trying to force ALL ATMs to be removed, by making it uneconomic for ANYONE to operate ATMs.

They can do this by ensuring the LINK ATM Network reduces further the already tiny payments made to non-bank ATM operators for providing cash to the Big Five banks customers.

This CANNOT be allowed to continue.

The next UK government must force the Big Five banks to properly fund the provision of the cash that their customers clearly want - and need.

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