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Do the Irish Public Deserve More Choice than the British Public?

Posted on: 04/02/2024

This is brilliant news from Ireland!

New “access to cash” laws will make it compulsory for supermarkets and pharmacies to accept cash.

A great quote in this article from the minister of finance, Michael McGrath.

“We must recognise the important role that cash continues to play in all our lives, and this is a role I am determined to protect.”


When we will see a similar statement from Jeremy Hunt?

All we get in the UK are weasel words from some government ministers , along the lines of “ we realise there are a couple of million awfully impoverished or digitally illiterate or terribly ancient people who still need cash and we will support them as little as possible until they get richer, are much better digitally educated - or die”.

Martin Quinn, a Campaign Director of the Payment Choice Alliance, sums up the situation perfectly.

Martin told the Telegraph : “It is about time the Government also looked at passing a Payment Choice Act here across the United Kingdom.”

“With a general election approaching later this year, this is a no-brainer and a definite vote winner for the Prime Minister, which would give Rishi Sunak an instant lift in the polls and would prove immensely popular amongst Tory voters.”

80% of Conservative Party voters told YouGov in June 2023 that they want a UK Payment Choice Act, giving them the right to spend their cash, when and where they choose.

When will the penny drop for current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak that he cannot afford to ignore the wishes of 80% of his supporters?


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