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Privacy is Just One Reason to Keep Cash - BUT it is a HUGE One!

Posted on: 11/03/2024

Privacy is not simply under threat - it is disappearing!

Many organisations, including governments, want to know EXACTLY what each of us is doing at all times.

We are told that this tracking is done so that the “authorities”, along with some banks and card schemes, can meet our needs more precisely.


They want to know so they can push US - gently or forcibly - in the direction THEM want us to take.

In the end, THEM want to other US as few CHOICES as possible.

Remember Henry Ford’s line? 

“You can have any colour of car, as long as it’s black.”

Henry wasn’t kidding - and nor are the organisations now trying to completely control every aspect of our  lives.

Using cash stops THEM exercising such tight control over US, which is why THEM are trying to impose “cashless”.

More than payment choice is at stake here.

Freedom; democracy; independence; they are ALL at risk.

Which is why the answer to the question “when will we see a “cashless” Britain” must be one simple but definitive word.



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