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Time for the UK Government to Stop Vilifying Cash!

Posted on: 04/09/2023

A quote from a “government spokesman” in this article.

“We are making it easier for businesses to continue accepting cash – by ensuring the vast majority will be within three miles of cash facilities – but also making it increasingly difficult for businesses to hide their income, using improved targeting with new data sources and increased activity.

RUBBISH from start to finish!

Firstly, nothing HM Treasury said in their “Policy Statement” on cash access means that ANY new cash deposit facilities will be provided for businesses. The reverse is true; more bank branches will close and more ATMs will be removed, because HM Treasury mentioned neither in its statement. Nor, of course, did it do anything to make it economic for Independent ATM operators to provide the cash services banks are now refusing to provide to their customers.

Secondly, for the government to imply that there is a serious problem in this country because businesses are hiding cash income is disgraceful. Cash is being vilified to justify the actions of banks and card schemes trying to force the British public to accept a “cashless society”.

Procrastination and prevarication are the two words that characterise what has been done about cash access and cash acceptance in the UK in the last 5 years.



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