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Take Action Now for a Payment Choice Act for the UK

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There is no better time for you - a UK voter - to influence the future of cash in your country.

On the 4th of July, hundreds of new MPs were elected.

It is important you let YOUR MP know what matters to YOU.

Acceptance of cash is becoming a HUGE issue in the UK.

Far too many shops and other businesses are telling the British public they won’t accept our cash - our £.

This is an absolute DISGRACE.

The Payment Choice Alliance contacted EVERY MP in the last Parliament and ran an event in Westminster, which all MPs were invited to attend.

So EVERY MP who was in Parliament until the end of May 2024 knows about the Alliance.

All NEW MPs will be hearing directly from the Payment Choice Alliance before the end of July.

However, it is far more important that YOUR MP knows how you feel about cash and Payment Choice!

You may well know the name of your new local MP.

Even if you don’t, you can find out their name and contact details by contacting their constituency office. Such offices are usually situated on a local high street.

You could write a letter or send an email.

An email is obviously quicker and less expensive, but a letter can still be a powerful way of communication.

Here is a draft of an email or letter you could send - but your own words expressing YOUR feelings are better, so, of course, please change the draft as you choose!

Make sure that you to put your name and full address on the letter or email so that your MP knows you are a constituent.


A new UK government swept to victory on 4 July 2024!
Whether you voted for them or not, they have pledged to work to deliver what YOU want!
Please tell them that YOU want Payment Choice, by contacting your local MP TODAY!

Dear (MPs first name),

Congratulations on your win on 4 July!

As my MP, I know you will be very interested in what matters to me.

I am writing to you about my serious concerns in relation to cash acceptance in Britain.

Many retailers and businesses are now turning away customers like me, customers who continue to want to use cash.

This is completely unacceptable.

A recent YouGov/ Payment Choice Alliance Survey (June 2023) showed that 97% of the British public still use cash. The same survey revealed that 71% of the public want a UK Payment Choice Act passed to give them the right to use their cash - their £ - where and when they choose.

I am one of the 97% and 71%.

Please confirm that you support a UK Payment Act and what you will do to ensure one is approved by Parliament without delay.

Your early positive response is crucial, to reassure me that you really care about this vital issue.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely


Please send your email or letter as soon as you can AND chase for a proper response if you do not receive one within 10 working days.

If you would like to copy the Alliance in on your email, that would be excellent!

Please copy to: ron.delnevo@paymentchoicealliance.org

You CAN make a difference to the future of cash - starting with telling your new MP exactly what you feel about Payment Choice TODAY.

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