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Bank Hubs - Much Hype About Very Little?

Posted on: 25/03/2024

There is absolutely zero new in this “announcement” about Bank Hubs.

The CEO of Cash Access UK had already “committed” to have 200 banking hubs open by the end of 2025.

This article includes reference to banks agreeing to identify 225 locations for banking hubs by the end of 2024 - but MORE than that number of sites have already been requested by LINK Scheme Ltd.

Further, where is the clarity on banking hubs having 24/7 cash access, via ATMs or otherwise?

Finally, for now, there is the implied criticism of Nationwide Building Society for keeping their branches open.

Such criticism is a bad joke.

The Nationwide Building Society are the ONLY major UK Financial Institition with a true commitment to the UK High Street.

Their brilliant tv advertising is making the Big Five “High Street” banks look like they don’t care about their customers…

The Payment Choice Alliance has corresponded with Bim Afolami MP. He is new at HM Treasury and he still has a little time on his side to understand the reality of cash access and cash acceptance in the UK.

He isn’t getting that from the Big Five “High Street” banks.

Fortunately both he and the Financial Conduct Authority ARE learning from the Payment Choice Alliance


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