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Reading Teach Oxford Dunces a Thing or Two!

Posted on: 02/11/2023

Reading Borough Council has introduced “contactless” payments on their buses, whilst continuing to accept cash.

Excellent! That’s Payment Choice, which everyone in the UK should be entitled to enjoy.

Similarly, Reading car parks continue to accept cash.

Well done to this progressive AND caring Council! They are Top of the Class in terms of providing Payment Choice to all who live and work in the Borough.

Meantime 25 miles away in Oxford, the City Council - which, similarly to Reading, is controlled by the Labour Party - has plummeted to the bottom of the class by banning cash use in car parks.

Only 25 miles separate the towns - BUT Oxford City Council is 250 YEARS behind Reading in terms of understanding what it takes to genuinely serve EVERYONE in their local community.

And the fact that two Councils only 25 miles apart are providing such startlingly different standards of service to the public underlines why the UK must have a Payment Choice Act by 2024; a law guaranteeing EVERYONE the right to use their cash, when and where they choose.

Such a law would teach the dunces of Oxford City Council a salutary lesson AND ensure residents of the city once again enjoy the first class public services they deserve.

Which, of course, they would get if they lived in Reading!

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