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Out of Touch Mayor Allows Lurgan to Lurch Towards “Cashless”!

Posted on: 02/04/2024

Whilst many communities are reversing previous decisions to go “cashless”, there are always foolish outliers.

How’s this for a quote?

“Lord Mayor of Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon, Alderman Margaret Tinsley said: “These changes [ to go “cashless”] to council-owned off-street car parking should be minimal and therefore won’t present too much inconvenience to users.””

Does Maggie do Stand Up in her spare time?

These changes, are NOT minimal AND are MASSIVELY inconvenient for the public who WANT to use cash.

It’s as simple as ABC, Mags!

Reverse this decision NOW - or wait for the humiliation of being forced to reverse it by law when a Payment Choice Act comes into force.

Your choice - for now…

Source: northernirelandworld.com/news/people/new-cashless-parking-in-lurgan-portadown-banbridge-and-armagh-where-to-find-the-app-for-abc-car-parking-4573452

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