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It Is Only Hard To Live Off Cash Alone When “Cashless” Is IMPOSED!

Posted on: 08/07/2024

Very good article from Jordyn Beazley in the Guardian Australia, who tested whether a whole weekends spending could be managed only using cash.

Jordyn’s verdict?

“I managed to use cash without any hiccups, and hopefully it stays that way.”

Unfortunately, it won’t.

In countries where they can get away with it, an increasing number of businesses are imposing “cashless” on customers.

The danger in a country which is isolated - and Australia is certainly geographically isolated - is that the public could be conned into believing that “cashless” is natural.

It, of course, isn’t.

The same danger exists to an extent on our Small Island, where there is a tendency to ignore what it is happening in our neighbours and be accepting of having “progress” imposed on us.

“Cashless” is only “progress” for those organisations whose profits soar if they are allowed to rob the public of Payment Choice.

The governments in all of the UK’s immediate neighbours have put a stop to “cashless”. France, Spain, Norway and Ireland are now legally protecting their citizens from the imposition of “cashless”.

In the biography of Keir Starmer it is suggested that one of his biggest achievements to date was making the Crown Prosecution Service records “paperless”.

You can do MUCH better than that, Prime Minister!

Your much bigger achievement, by the end of 2025, can be guaranteeing by law that British payments are NOT “paperless”, ensuring that the public can use the Bank of England banknotes they have used since 1694 and continue to WANT to use today.


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