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You CAN Make a Difference in 2024: Shop Locally - and Use Cash!

Posted on: 02/01/2024

It is all too easy to feel helpless.

As we enter 2024, there are so many major problems in the World today where surely no individual living in the UK feels they can make a difference.

So perhaps it is time to STOP thinking GLOBAL - and START thinking LOCAL!

Around the UK, “High Streets”, the shopping streets in towns and villages which used to buzz with excitement, are falling quiet.


Because so many of us are staying at home and using services such as Amazon to deliver to our doorsteps.

Amazon provide a great service - BUT is it one we REALLY need to use for so much that we buy?

It would be a VERY happy New Year if we all shopped more in our own High Streets - and did so using cash, of course!

So that’s a difference we CAN all make in 2024. Each of us is able to help make the shops and other businesses in our local community a little bit busier - and by using cash, we will also make them a bit more profitable. Cash saves shops stumping up for crippling card and digital payment charges.

Stop feeling helpless! Think LOCAL - and CASH - and take pleasure in making 2024 BETTER for YOUR community!


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