UK Set To Lose 75% Of Free ATMs By 2027? - Image 1

UK Set To Lose 75% Of Free ATMs By 2027?

Posted on: 27/11/2023

There is a HUGE continuing public demand for cash.

However, the Big 5 High Street Banks are proving VERY successful in their efforts to impose “cashless” on the British public.

Soon there are likely to be no towns with under 35,000 residents with either a bank or a bank ATM.

This is an absolute disgrace - but it seems neither the current Government nor any UK Regulator has the gumption to do anything about it.

This will change however, given that a new UK General Election must be staged in 2024.

Politicians will be hearing from voters that there are no Seats in Parliament available for those who promote - or even tolerate - “cashless”.


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