Blackpool - Another Town Suffering as the Attempt to Force a “Cashless” UK Continues. - Image 1

Blackpool - Another Town Suffering as the Attempt to Force a “Cashless” UK Continues.

Posted on: 03/06/2024

Another day, another town where many small retailers are struggling with card fees and the imposition of “cashless”.

Today, it’s Blackpool businesses revealing their problems with lack of cash. In an apparent effort to justify the reduction in cash access caused by the closure of bank branches and the removal of around 20,000 ATMs in the last few years, UK Finance published survey results last year claiming that around 22 million Brits use cash once a month or not at all.

Those figures are repeated in this article.

There are 57 million adults in the UK, so even UK Finances own figures show that 35 million British adults use cash twice or more a month - and, of course, “more” can actually mean several times a day.

By the way, the reason UK Finance use a stat of “once a month or less” is because very few people NEVER use cash. YouGov’s survey last year revealed that only 3% of adults were in this category, meaning that less than 2 million out of 57 million British adults NEVER use cash.

In any event, neither the volume of cash being used by the British public or the number of adults still using cash justifies the drastic reduction of cash access being imposed by the Big Five UK banks.

In its own way, this is as much of a scandal as Horizon and the use of contaminated blood by the NHS.

Busy branches are being closed and ATMs are being removed to help the push towards “cashless”.

Many millions of British citizens who want or need to use cash are increasingly suffering. There will one day be a calling to account for those who are today seeking to impose “cashless” on the UK public.

And let’s hope they don’t shed crocodile tears.

They know EXACTLY what they are doing and care NOTHING about the negative impact on the British public.

There must be many changes after the General Election on the 4th of July.


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