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Lack of Cash Access Leaves Henley-on-Thames In Chaos

Posted on: 29/08/2023

One 24/7 ATM is all that Henley-on-Thames is left with, after the Big 5 High Street (?) Banks paddled off down the river.

Yes, literally , the residents of Henley have been sold down the river.

Pathetic, most people might say.


But not as pathetic as the fact that the HM Treasury “Policy Statement” on cash access would NOT even require Henley to have one ATM!

This frankly idiotic statement does not mention ATMs at all.

So for a town like Henley, the HM Treasury line that cash access should be “reasonable” could leave the community depending on a post office counter service plus cash-back from a local shop.

Do you wonder that many people - the 50 million UK cash users for a start - think HM Treasury is so far out of touch that it must have left for another planet ?

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