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Help Retailers Avoid High Card Charges - Use CASH!

Posted on: 02/04/2024

The suggestion in this article of a 4 to 5% price hike to offset card costs is not at all acceptable.

Some Unites States retailers are now again giving a discount to cash users - as they did years ago. 

That makes more sense to me than cash users paying an extra amount to help cover card costs.

Frankly, the huge profits accruing to card schemes and their partner banks since the first plastic came along in the 1950’s is a horror story, particularly for the less well off.

An innovation the average consumer never asked for has made life much more expensive, including in relation to servicing hugely increased levels of personal debt.

The way the British public can REALLY best help UK retailers is by using CASH as often as possible - and they will also help themselves by doing that, through avoiding increasing expensive personal debt!


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