A pub (and not the only one!) in crisis over “cashless” payments - Image 1

A pub (and not the only one!) in crisis over “cashless” payments

Posted on: 27/11/2023

Zoe Partington has owned The Lord Nelson for 13 years but is now paying 30p for a £5 pint in each contactless transaction. Zoe explained: “It’s harder for independent traders whether it’s a convenient shop or hairdressers is struggling now.”

Martin Quinn, Campaign Director of the PCA said: “Local pubs, in particular, are being hammered with very high card fees, eating into the small profit they are making, it’s little wonder that pubs are shutting at such an alarming rate, pub goers should keep paying in cash when they can.”

Paying with cash helps both small business and their clientele. As well as pubs and businesses considering the impact of “cashless”, consumers will benefit these businesses when they use cash, by helping keep costs down.

Source: yourlocalguardian.co.uk/news/23934318.lord-nelson-sutton-pub-genuine-crisis-costs/

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