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Bank Branch Closures Mean The British Public Deserve THOUSANDS Of Bank Hubs!

Posted on: 17/06/2024

Here we go again.

A bank announces a review of whether a branch is going to close or not.

A very colourful 7 page branch closure “review”document is produced; followed by a second less colourful 3 page document announcing the “review” has been completed and it is confirmed that the branch is closing.

As you might imagine, branches almost NEVER survive such “reviews”.

The bank branch closes, the ATM is boarded up and, in this particular case - which is though one of thousands - the community of Govan in Glasgow is left without convenient 24/7 cash withdrawal facilities and with very limited cash deposit opportunities.

Bank customers are told there are two alternative branches, both around 3 miles away, so a 6 mile round trip.

Meantime, back in the real world, “12 people queuing at an ATM” in Govan is reported in this article.

25,000 people live in this community and there are a 100 + retail businesses, but Govan has been rejected for a “bank hub” - which is further strong evidence, if any were needed, that Cash Access UK has no intention of opening many such “hubs”.

The whole situation is a complete and utter farce.

The next government should consider halting all bank branch closures until a transparent commitment is made as to the minimum number of “bank hubs” Cash Access UK is prepared to fund and open before the end of 2026. That number must be produced by the end of September 2024 - and we can be spared a colourful presentation.

Black and white will do just fine.

If that number is not 1000+ plus, genuine independent experts must be brought in and given a maximum of three months to decide how many “bank hubs” are needed by the end of 2026, based on the number of communities which have been left without a bank branch in the last 10 years.

The Payment Choice Alliance is ready for the task!


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