General Election Actions

General Election Actions

Support A Payment Choice Act: Take Action Now

1. Contact Your MP or Parliamentary Candidates:

Your voice can make a difference. We urge you to email or write to your MP or parliamentary candidates to express the importance of keeping cash access and acceptance alive. Highlight how their stance on this issue could influence your vote and the votes of other constituents.

Here’s a simple template you can use:

Subject: Support a Payment Choice Act

Dear [MP/Candidate’s Name],

As a concerned constituent of [Your Constituency], I am writing to urge you to support the Payment Choice Act. This legislation is vital to ensure that cash remains a viable option for all members of our community, including those who depend on it for their daily transactions.

Maintaining cash access and acceptance is not just about convenience; it’s about inclusivity and fairness.The way you approach this issue will significantly impact my voting decision,as well as that of many others in our constituency.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

[Your Name]
[Your Address]

2. Attend Hustings

Attend local hustings and ask candidates whether they support payment choice. Make it clear to them that their response may determine how you vote.

3. Spread the Word:

Share this message with friends, family, and on social media. The more people we have advocating for the Payment Choice Act, the stronger our collective voice will be.

4. Join the Payment Choice Alliance:

Stay updated and involved by joining our alliance. Visit our website to sign up for updates, volunteer opportunities, and more ways to support this cause.

Together, we can ensure that everyone retains the freedom to choose how they pay. Let’s make our voices heard and protect the right to use cash.

By taking these actions, you’re not only advocating for your rights but also supporting a cause that benefits the entire community. Let’s work together to keep cash alive and ensure that every individual has the freedom to choose how they pay.

Thank you for standing with us!

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