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No Support from the UK Authorities for Cash?

Posted on: 04/09/2023

The German public won’t be either seduced or hounded into giving up their cash.

And the Deutsche Bundesbank stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the public.

Meantime, in the UK?

When did the Bank of England produce reports like the Deutsche Bundesbank about every aspect of cash?


The Bank of England instead says that it’s “not our job to promote cash”, the ONLY UK owned payment method.

Which is exactly what LINK Scheme Ltd says too.

So who is promoting cash, our UK £?

Certainly NOT HM Treasury, which now seems to rule the roost on cash, with the Bank of England side-lined.

The guy pulling the strings at HM Treasury is Captain Crypto himself - the man who told a recent Treasury Select Committee that he wanted London to be the Crypto Capital of Planet Earth - Economic Secretary Andrew Griffith MP.

Andy presided over the creation of the HM Treasury “Policy Statement” on cash access, which purported to guarantee the British public access to cash, without so much as even the faintest mention of ATMs.

“Reasonable” cash access going forward will come mostly via limited-hour post office counters and small shops offering cash back, at least for half an hour until their tills are empty.

The German public would NEVER put up with such pathetic cash access.


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