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The British Public Deserve The Same Good News As The Irish Public.

Posted on: 05/02/2024

This is more brilliant news for the Irish public!

Last week, the Irish government brought in Payment Choice regulations which give the Irish public the right to spend their cash when they want to do so, in many thousands of shops around the Irish Republic.

This week, it’s the Bank of Ireland who deserve a massive round of applause for looking after the Irish public!

The Bank of Ireland are buying a new fleet of nearly 700 ATMs - you know the ones, the type of cash machines which deliver 90% plus of the cash the UK public use each year but the Financial Conduct Authority is “agnostic” about - all of which accept deposits and most of which will recycle cash which is deposited, to make it available for withdrawal.

This is wonderful news for the Irish public - and businesses!

And look at the Bank of Ireland branch numbers!

169 branches providing services to the 5 million residents of the Irish Republic.

Contrast that, for example, with HSBC who, at the end of 2023 claimed to have a mere 327 branches covering the 60 MILLION members of the public in England and Wales.

Based on the branch service levels being provided by Bank of Ireland to the Irish public, HSBC should have around 2000 branches in England and Wales!

The wishes and needs of the British public are being completely and disdainfully ignored.

Why is the British government falling so far behind the Irish government in terms of ensuring the public get the financial services they deserve, including Payment Choice?


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