Edition 3 - June 2024

Posted on: 13/06/2024

Make it clear to the next government that we need a Payment Choice Act right now, in 2024!

As a valued supporter of the Payment Choice Alliance, you understand the importance of having options in how we pay for goods and services. Whether it’s for a small business owner, a senior citizen, someone who relies on cash for everyday transactions or anyone who simply prefers to use cash, maintaining cash acceptance and access is crucial for both financial inclusivity and personal choice.

The Payment Choice Alliance is dedicated to ensuring that cash remains a viable payment option for everyone - and we need YOUR help!

You can seize this moment in the UK General Election on 4th July, to ensure that the prospective MP you vote for will support the passing of the crucial legislation needed to protect Payment Choice for everyone.

You can click on Take Action Now below to see a sample email / letter you can send to your prospective MP.

However, you could also attend your constituency Hustings and directly ask your prospective MP to confirm they will support a UK Payment Choice Act.

Make clear when you ask the question that you will only vote for a candidate who commits to that action!

Thank you for your support! Together, we can win Payment Choice for us all!

Support A Payment Choice Act: Take Action Now

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The “silent majority” are no longer prepared to keep quiet! Around the UK, the public and businesses are saying NO to“cashless”!

Teignmouth in Devon is the latest community where businesses have had enough of high Visa and Mastercard charges. Local shops, restaurants and pubs are very politely asking customers to bring and use cash. In our experience, 95% of the British public are happy to go along with such requests. Read more here.

Join the team!

After the General Election, the Payment Choice Alliance will be looking for even more supporters, in every community in the UK; people who genuinely care about cash acceptance and access, and who want to help the Alliance.

Please email louise.ohara@paymentchoicealliance.org to confirm your support.

Take Action to Protect Cash

About Us

The Payment Choice Alliance, founded in 2023, is a not-for-profit organisation that is campaigning to ensure the right of the British public to use cash is safeguarded by the passing of a Payments Choice Act.

The Act would give everyone in the UK the right to use their cash, when and where they choose.

The Payment Choice Alliance, which is staffed by committed volunteers, is also focused on ensuring every community in the UK has convenient cash withdrawal and deposit facilities. The provision of such facilities, along with the legal obligation of businesses to accept cash, will ensure cash remains a viable Payment Choice for the British public for as long as they want to use it.

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