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Councils must STOP creating “Cashless” Car Parks!

Posted on: 22/01/2024

Cheshire East council is considering scrapping cash payments in car parks?

They claim it would save £100k a year?

The fact is that councils are all over the place in terms of claimed savings via “scrapping” cash acceptance in car parks.

Oxford council said the saving was £12k.

Do these figures include a “cashless”, no options, future where the card and digital payment companies can charge these councils what they like?

When the UK Payment Choice Act becomes law, councils which have erred by imposing “cashless” will be required to revert to accepting cash AND the Payment Choice Alliance will be using freedom of information rights to expose the total cost each council has incurred in their dalliance with “cashless”.

It is doubtful that local ratepayers will be amused at the waste of their money - or be inclined to vote for those councillors who tried to impose “cashless”!


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