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Cash acceptance laws - The UK must learn from the United States!

Posted on: 20/11/2023

A quote from this article really tells the whole story:

“....the Los Angeles City Council unanimously passed a ban on cashless businesses.”


So the “We are cashless” signs will soon be coming down.

Those entrusted with running Los Angeles considered what “progress” REALLY means - and decided “cashless” in no way qualified for the label.

Los Angeles is in California - the state where Visa, Google (Pay) and Apple (Pay) have their Headquarters.

The other giant of payments and originator of the “war on cash” - Mastercard - is based in New York, which also has a ban on “cashless”.

So, in their own backyards, those safeguarding the Public Interest have told the biggest payments companies on the planet that they are NOT going to be allowed to impose “cashless” on the Public.

Meantime, in the UK, some politicians try to tell the Payment Choice Alliance that a ban on “cashless” can’t be done.

WHAT? So payment companies that have been told they can’t impose what they want - “cashless” - in their own country can stroll over to the UK and do whatever they like?

This despite the fact that 71% of the British Public told YouGov in June 2023 that they want a law giving them the legal right to use their cash, when and where they choose: a Payment Choice Act.

The British Public have given a clear NO to “cashless”.

UK politicians MUST listen to the British Public and learn from what’s happening in the City of Angels and elsewhere in the United States.


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