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Cash and Payment Choice - The British Public Have Their Say

Posted on: 13/06/2023


Research carried out last week by YouGov on behalf of the Payment Choice Alliance underlines yet again the incredible loyalty the British public in relation to cash.

In addition to the fact that only 3% of the British public NEVER use cash – so over 50 Million British adults DO continue to use cash- the research highlighted that there are huge majorities AGAINST a so-called “cashless” society and FOR a UK Payment Choice Act.

Legislation would give the UK public the right to use their cash, when and where they choose to do.

A UK Payment Choice Act is needed NOW.
In 2023.

Despite the wide the range of alternative payment methods available, ONLY 3% of the British public NEVER use cash.

  • Latest YouGov findings reveal 71% of the British public would support making it a legal requirement for businesses to accept cash.

London, 12 June 2023 - The Payment Choice Alliance, the organisation that campaigns for the UK public to have the legal right to spend their cash when and where they choose to do so, today shares new results from YouGov revealing how very strongly the public disagrees with the apparently relentless efforts of some major businesses to push the UK towards becoming a cashless society.

YouGov’s survey conducted last week revealed:

  • Only 3% of the British public NEVER use cash.
  • Only 12% of people in Britain want the UK to become a cashless society and a huge 69% oppose it.
  • A massive majority (71%) would support making it a legal requirement for British businesses to accept cash. Only 7% oppose this idea.

Ron Delnevo, Chairman of the Payment Choice Alliance said:
This very latest measurement of UK public opinion underlines how committed the majority of the public are to cash. The fact that with all the alternatives available to them only 3% report that they NEVER use cash is a huge vote of support for the British £ and what it stands for in the minds of the British public.

It is time for all businesses that are seemingly pushing to make the UK a so-called “cashless society” to put the British public first. Such businesses need to respect the firmly expressed preferences of the British public, who are their customers. In short, they must forget “cashless” and fully commit to ensuring cash always has a place as a UK Payment Choice.

The fact that as many as 71% of people support the idea of a new law to make accepting cash a legal requirement of doing business shows just how widely people in the UK are unhappy with any move towards a “cashless” society. Whether it is convenience, freedom of choice, managing their spending or the understandable desire not to have their lives completely monitored and controlled that motivates them, it is absolutely clear the public want to be able to use their cash when and where they choose to do so. Continues…

Political parties with an eye on the next General Election would be wise to wake up to this major public concern. Payment Choice is a vote-winner; “cashless” quite definitely is not. Of course, Payment Choice need not become an election issue. The simplest way of avoiding this is for the current government to ensure a Payment Choice Act is passed in 2023. The Payment Choice Alliance and, most importantly, the British public, would strongly welcome this outcome.


For further information and to arrange interviews with the Chair of the Payment Choice Alliance contact:

Louise O'Hara

Telephone: +44 (0) 7984 453840


Notes to editors:

 About this survey

All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 2,101 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 5th - 6th June 2023. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all UK adults (aged 18+). The full results can be found here.

About the Payment Choice Alliance

Launched in January 2023, The Payment Choice Alliance, which is an initiative of the UK Cash Supply Alliance, is a not-for-profit organisation that is campaigning to ensure the right to use cash is safeguarded by the passing of a UK Payments Choice Act. This act would oblige businesses to accept cash for in-person payments.

The Payment Choice Alliance, which is staffed by committed volunteers, is also focused on ensuring every community in the UK has convenient cash withdrawal and deposit facilities. The provision of such facilities, along with the legal obligation of businesses to accept cash, will ensure cash remains a viable Payment Choice for the British public for as long as they want to use it.

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