Campaign Committee

The Campaign Committee of the Payment Choice Alliance


Ron Delnevo


After gaining experience at Board level at a number of companies, Ron led the MBO which created UK independent ATM operator Bank Machine in 2003. He continued as CEO of the company until 2012.

Ron has served in many roles including on the Governance Committee of LINK ATM Network; as an elected Director of the UK Payments Council; as European Chair of the ATM Industry Association; as Chair of the Cash Learning Partnership; and as Chair of the UK Cash Supply Alliance.

Recognised as a world expert on payments, Ron is a regular contributor to both academic journals and magazines, including Fintech Finance. Ron has worked on many consultancy projects, including in 2023 helping to produce an in depth report for LINK ATM Network on the payment systems of the planets ten most populace countries.

Ron is currently leading the Payment Choice Alliance, an initiative of the UK Cash Supply Alliance, on a two year project to ensure a Payment Choice Act becomes law, ensuring the UK public enjoy payment choice forever.

Ron takes a keen interest in history, politics and economics, enjoys travel and loves sport, especially his hometown Heart of Midlothian Football Club.

Martin Q

Martin Quinn


Martin is the commercial lead for and is well known amongst the UK financial journalist community.

He is a keen advocate for cash acceptance having initially started a Government petition back in 2021 to compel retailers to accept cash payments.

Martin is regularly quoted in the media including The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Fintech Times, The Sunday Express, GB News and Independent Retail News on all matters relating to cash access and acceptance.

Louise O’Hara

Louise O’Hara


Louise is the founder and owner of Amellior Business Support Ltd, a company she formed in 2007 to advise and assist start-ups and growing companies to advance and thrive with her and her team’s vast experience in marketing, PR, business development, project management and much more. Louise is also a Non-Executive Director at Shrap Ltd, an innovative company that is committed to supporting the future of cash.

Louise is also a company culture and networking expert and works extensively in inclusion, diversity and anti-racism projects. She also works with and support charities and social good organisations such as the Damilola Taylor Trust , the Hope Collective and the soon-to-be-formed Patrick Hutchinson Foundation, and is driven to help these organisations continue to bring about positive change in the areas in which they seek to do so.

Louise cares deeply about the need for cash to stay an accessible and easy-to-use option for all, for reasons of inclusion and privacy, among others. She believes we must work together to protect the ability of consumers to access cash and banking services, and to have their cash very widely, if not universally, accepted.


Andy Beverley


Andy started his working life as an engineering officer in the Royal Navy. After serving for 10 years, he left to become an entrepreneur, founding 3 technology businesses which he runs to this day. As a tech entrepreneur he knows the benefits that digital systems can bring us, but he is also only too aware of their limitations.

He has always believed in localism and decision-making at the lowest level, and he feels that centralised digital payments are pushing life in the opposite direction, taking power away from individuals and local communities. He says it's essential that we retain universal cash payments to ensure personal freedom and social equality for years to come

Martin C

Martin Campbell


Martin is the founder and Director of Beacon Strategic Communications – a specialist media adviser working for 20 years now exclusively with “the good guys” of UK’s fintech revolution – those businesses genuinely trying to improve outcomes for people and the planet.

He was previously a founding member of the Virgin Direct (now VirginMoney) management team and before that a product designer at Norwich Union (now Aviva).

Over his nearly 40 years in UK financial services, Martin has played a significant part in the development and growth of better, greener and more ethical money solutions and is well-known and respected amongst the UK’s personal finance and business press. He is a Senior Fellow of the UK’s influential Finance Innovation Lab.

Martin is passionate about the need for cash to stay a thriving option for reasons of inclusion, privacy and democracy, especially in guarding against excessive power in the hands of Big Finance, Big Tech and authoritarian governments.

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