Muirhouse in Edinburgh; One of THOUSANDS of Communities Deserted by the Big Five UK Banks. - Image 1

Muirhouse in Edinburgh; One of THOUSANDS of Communities Deserted by the Big Five UK Banks.

Posted on: 03/06/2024

This is Muirhouse in Edinburgh, next door to Drylaw and Pilton.

Everyone locally has known for YEARS about the problems with cash access in this area & ZERO has been done about it in all that time.

Our thanks to Hope Webb and Emma Clifford Bell of BBC Scotland for bringing this matter into the public domain.

The truth is that many parts of Edinburgh are suffering in the same way. And what about (lack of)Cash Access UK and their very hard to find “bank hubs”?


The nearest is 20 miles away.

This is the Capital of Scotland - the home of the The Scottish Government. And people are simply being left to suffer as bank branches close, bank ATMs are removed and the only “solution” on offer is the “cashless” nightmare that Visa and Mastercard are seeking to impose on the UK.

The 4th of July is, of course, Independence Day in the United States, a day when Americans celebrate gaining their freedom from the United Kingdom BUT this year the 4th of July also marks the start of the British public gaining THEIR freedom from United States owned Card Schemes and their collaborating UK banks. Around the UK, the British public and British businesses have had enough of being dictated to by the peddlers of “cashless”.

Just in the last few days, the Payment Choice Alliance has highlighted the public and businesses in Teignmouth, Treorchy, Blackpool and Edinburgh - towns in England, Wales and Scotland - speaking up about how “cashless” is being imposed on them, when they DEFINITELY do NOT want it to be.


Whoever is in office after the 4th of July, they WILL guarantee cash access and cash acceptance before the end of 2025.

That is the guarantee the Payment Choice Alliance is giving the British public - ALL of them.


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