Payment Choice Alliance

Our Mission:

  1. Customers deserve a payment choice
    Whether it's cash or card, customers should have the right to choose what works best for them.
  2. Banks have a duty to support everyone
    Financial services must not ignore the needs of vulnerable people; all communities deserve a free cash deposit and withdrawal machine.
  3. We need innovation in the cash sector
    People should be able to do more with their cash; we're asking for better technology that gives everyone opportunities to use their cash when they choose.
The Seven Superpowers of Cash

Latest News & Updates

Use it or lose it
Use it or lose it
No need to look further for the Payment Choice Alliance quote of the week. “As we are forced into a cashless society without being asked if that is what our communities want, it is time to use cash more than ever.” James Anderson, Independent Councillor, East Berwickshire." 100% CORRECT. USE I....
Dover MP responds to Leisure Centre no cash policy
Dover MP responds to Leisure Centre no cash policy
Conservative MP for Dover Natalie Elphicke has written to Chancellor Jeremy Hunt asking for the public’s right to use cash to be legally safeguarded. Jeremy has already had a similar letter from the Payment Choice Alliance. Time for the UK government to sponsor a Payment Choic....
Sebra news spring 2023
Sebra news spring 2023
One of our Directors, Andy Beverley, has an article featured in this quarter’s Sebra News, where he addresses some of the problems with the drive towards “cashless” payments. We support the Cash Welcome initiative and are pleased that Andy is working with other organisations and movements that....
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