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The top priority of the Payment Choice Alliance is to ensure the British public get the Payment Choice they deserve.

How do the Alliance know what the British public believe they deserve?


YouGov conducted a survey on behalf of the Payment Choice Alliance in early June 2023.

That survey revealed that only 3% of the UK adult population have stopped using cash entirely. This in turn means than over 50 million adults continue to use cash.

So cash remains of great interest to the vast majority of the British public.

The survey also told us that 88% of the public do NOT support the UK becoming a so-called “cashless” society.

And how about a UK Payment Choice Act?

The survey confirmed that 71% of the British public want a law put in place to guarantee they cash can use their cash, where and when they choose.

And that law is what the Payment Choice Alliance will work very hard to deliver!

The Payment Choice Alliance caused a lot of excitement giving away the new King Charles £5 note right outside the Bank of England in London! Everyone loved the great new fivers - and told us they were determined to go on using cash. Not one person wanted Britain to become a “cashless” society! It was a WONDERFUL day!

Newsletter Edition 3 June 2024
Payment Choice Ambassadors
Payment Choice Ambassadors

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